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Archive of Archives, 1995

Archive of Archives (Nr. 1–15), 1995

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Archive of Archives
(Nr. 1–15)
B/w photograph, inkjet print, 63 x 53 cm (framed)
Edition 6 + 2 ap

For the photo series Archive of Archives (1995) Rosefeldt visited and documented places of collecting, storing and archiving in his native city of Munich. The fifteen black-and-white photographs intentionally ignore the cultural value of the stored items and rather focus on the general human impulse to collect. The photographs include depictions of stored tax returns in the basement of a fiscal authority; not-exhibited sarcophagi in a former NSDAP building that now serves as storage for the Museum of Egyptian Art; a collection of umbrellas at the lost-and-found office, and gas station signs from the collection of the Design Museum, that are stored at the enormous former studio of the Nazi sculptor Josef Thorak in the outskirts of Munich.

L. Korndörfer


– The art of storing, Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, October 2015–January 2016
Julian Rosefeldt – Meine Heimat ist ein düsteres, wolkenverhangenes Land, Arndt Berlin,
    July–August 2014

Photo Works / Archive of Archives, 1995