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At the Guggenheim, 2007

At the Guggenheim (Nr. 1–5), 2007

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At the Guggenheim
(Nr. 1–5)
LightJet print, variable dimensions
Edition 6 + 2 ap

At the Guggenheim (2007) is a photo series that was created in the context of Tom Tykwer’s action thriller The International (2009), whereby the Guggenheim Museum in New York was replicated at the Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam, near Berlin. Julian Rosefeldt was asked to set up an exhibition of his works in the fake museum and to produce a new work for the iconic rotunda (The Opening, 2007/2009), both serving as backdrop to the central action scene in Tykwer’s movie. The photographs show an impressively perfect-looking replica of the Guggenheim and focus on the threshold between fiction and reality – a recurrent motif in Rosefeldt’s work.
Summarised from Rachel Wolff, Shooting Gallery, in: Art News (January 2009)

Photo Works / At the Guggenheim, 2007