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Stunned Man (Series 2)

Stunned Man (Nr. 1–6, Series 2)

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Trilogy of Failure
(Part 2)
Stunned Man
(Nr. 1–6, Series 2)
Lambda print, 36,3 x 55 cm
Edition 4 + 2 ap

The photo works were created in the context of the film installation Stunned Man (2004). It's the second part of Rosefeldt’s Trilogy of Failure (2004/2005) in which three different settings draw a picture of our vain entanglement with everyday rituals. In each case the protagonist is caught up in a microcosm that suggests mental and spatial claustrophobia. As a reaction to the hopeless situation, he plunges into permanent Sisyphean activity – going nowhere and producing nothing. The motifs of perpetual attempt and constant failure find their equivalent in the repetitive structure of the loop. The scenes are allegories of our frantic and ultimately futile attempts to escape the surrounding norms, constraints, structures and rituals by which we are determined.

Stunned Man (2004) shows a young man vandalising his apartment, which is then assiduously reassembled by his alter ego, only to be destroyed once again. As in the first part of the trilogy, the room is recognisable as a film set and neglects the cinematic effect of illusion. The wordplay of the title refers, like The Soundmaker (2004), to a film profession pursued more or less behind the scenes: the stuntman.

Summarised from Stefan Berg and Katerina Gregos, in: Julian Rosefeldt: Film Works (2008)


Julian Rosefeldt – Making Of. Film Installations and Photo Works 2004–2010, DA2 – Domus Artium, Salamanca,
   October 2010–March 2011 (all except "Stunned Man, n. 2", curated by Javier Panera)
Julian Rosefeldt: The Soundmaker, Arndt & Partner, Zurich, February–March 2005
Julian Rosefeldt, MW projects, London, July–September 2004


Berg, Stephan, et al., eds. Julian Rosefeldt: Film Works. Ostfildern, 2008.

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